Wednesday, 26 December 2007

The Relative Worlds by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati | Science of Identity Foundation | part 13

The infinitesimal absolute does not require any such space. The intercession is so close that no material conception of space is to be intruded in His location. The relativity of the Absolute does not require an equality like that of mundane relativity. The question of extension does not vex a soul proper like that of a speculationist. So, impersonal propaganda to get rid of the defective views of mundane relativity has no lien in dealing with the theme of absolute relativity. The Absolute individuation should not be placed under the rigours of vitiated space and notoriety of time. The relation in the Absolute Region should not be classed in the same category of heterogenous afflictive situations, for His manifestive phases have no undesirability, hunger, thirst, pain and sorrow, etc.

History has shown us that our tendency to colonize and exploit other regions has always backfired. This planet can be made a happier, more peaceful place to live in, but the change will have to come from within the hearts of all of us living here.

Science of Identity Foundation - Siddhaswarupananda

The human soul need not be put within a corporal body, as he is evidently an incorporeal to the strictest sense. The soul need not be put inside this tabernacle, or this subtle corporal bearing. We do not identify a reflection with the original entity, neither do we consider a spark of fire to be different from the flame itself; but we need not think that a reflection or a spark has diminished the total value of the Absolute by their different situation. We need not think that the infinitesimal absolute is only an outer case of the body, or that it is interwoven with molecules of the frame. The individuality is related to the Whole and no addition or substraction can be effected by the intercession of anything between them, either space or form. This has given rise to amalgamation or annihilation the two perspective individualities, or personalities, instead of an eternal relative position. So the relation and the two sides of personalities should have no undesirable instigation of mental speculation.

The Supreme Lord has pacified these conflicting conceptions forwarded by the bands of rationalists, who base their arguments on their sensuous acquisitions. The Absolute substratum has Absolute energy from which infinitesimal absolutes, as well as infinitesimal conditioned lives, are emanated or created.

The relation between mind and body need not be confused with the transcendental tie of relativity between the two quantitative phases of the Absolute, as quantitative relation there has not lost the position of the Absolute; or, in other words, we need not carry non-absolute being or a non-being thought of Entity to the Region of the Absolute. The prohibition of encroachments by the limited entities to the Region of the Absolute should in no case be neglected.

In conclusion, I would thank you all, my friends, for the splendid response you have made to our humble call, and the patient hearing you have so kindly given me this afternoon. We had too vast a theme before us and short is the time you can spare. So tonight I shall be satisfied with this short dissertation and close for the time being the crater of the volcano of thoughts on the Transcendental Relativities, which once had their most forcible and soul-stirring outburst before Sri Sanatana Goswami.

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