Friday, 21 December 2007

The Relative Worlds by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati | Science of Identity Foundation | part 9

Our present conception is so concretised with perishable materials that we cannot differentiate the Absolute from mundane pieces of perishable matters. The Absolute, in our present view, cannot have manifested entities, and we are prone to confuse the interpretation of the Absolute with non-absolute to the elimination of plurality. The plural phases of Absolute should not have any reference to mundane manifestation, except by a resemblance of the seeming features we observe through our senses. The Absolute entities should never be identified with the mundane transformable enjoying position through our errable senses; but entities who only have engagement with the Absolute are inerrable, even in this mundane world, having connection with the Absolute.

Though the seeming conceptions have similarity, both in mundane and transcendental worlds, still they have a distinctive reference of the question of temporal and eternity. All mundane conceptions have a differentiative aspect between the exoteric and esoteric comprehension of the thing; the factor of Immanence is involved. In the Absolute there cannot be any trace of this bifurcate position. The Immanence and the phenomenal conceptions are identical in the Absolute, though possessing different phases and different units, peacefully conglomerated without any disruptive situation of the mundane atmosphere.

Often people try so hard to find happiness through sense pleasure that they may attempt to gratify several or all of their senses at the same time. For example, you may simultaneously be watching TV, listening to the radio, munching potato chips, sipping beer, and smoking a cigarette. Perhaps you may have your arm around the shoulders of your girlfriend or boyfriend. You may also have a magazine at your side, which you look at during commercials. You try to fill up every sense; yet still you’re not satisfied; still you want something more.

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The unspeakable extension of the Transcendence, though observed in the phenomenal view to have stopped all sorts of variegated positions, still maintains a resemblance of manifestive nature, and this Transcendence has analogous relation, just as phenomena to Immanence. The seeming feature which is considered as exoteric inspection of phenomena becomes a subconscious element of things; whereas, Transcendence has the full conscientious eternal conception by a spark of Absolute, an unconditioned soul, who is free from the phenomenal clutch.

The factors of matter and spans of time serve as infinitessimally small esoteric reference when we speak of the full-fledged Eternal Transcendence. The Transcendence has scaled up this time from the cubical expansion to the entities of higher dimensions. Persons who are inured to talk much of matter and entangled with the physical liabilities may, by their limited conception, impede their course of investigation, and would naturally tell us that such a view of Transcendence has come out from the factory of phenomena in enjoying mood. But we would not encourage them to be so audacious as to exercise their crippled senses for decisions of viewing higher things.

The certitudinal gnostics may rely on their mundane senses like the agnostics, and would like to exploit all healthy eternal feelings associated with the Absolute Harmony. The working of these two entities has played agreeable and disagreeable parts in the present land of transformation; but in the Transcendence there is no question of disagreement between the eternal entities, who have no susceptibility of being inharmonious to one another, and so the transcendental plane has got an Absolute value which cannot admit the deformities of an anthropomorphist.

There is no occasion of a black and undesirable sight as we can prefer the admissibility of a challenge. No foreign hallucinative ideas could be ushered into the manifestive phases of the Absolute. Our present senses require regulation by the transcendental association which will give real value of the Absolute instead of a contradictory value from the deformed perishable relativities.

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