Saturday, 15 December 2007

The Relative Worlds by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati | Science of Identity Foundation | part 4

Then comes the question, "What are the salient features of the Absolute and what should be the nomenclature of the Absolute?" The Absolute is evidently to welcome all sorts of manifestive nature, instead of lurking Himself as the unknown in a region beyond our sensuous scope. Our sensuous activities are hitherto confined in non-absolute, and when we care most for the immutable situation of the Absolute, no mutability should dissuade us from our targeted object. If we can clear our position from serving transformable objects, and when we have only singular motive of serving the immutable Absolute, we must trace the connection of all manifestive things with Him. This will give us the much coveted situation of continuing our living activities in His service in this world too, without an undesirable attitude of enjoying the same.

The burden of enjoyment is now shifted to the Absolute, and we, being His irregular subservients, help Him in serving by these ingredients, which are His imperishables, though they were acknowledged by us to have been meant for our use. So the greatest facility is accorded by our serving temper, in place of our wrong enjoying mood which proves fruitless in the long run.

Dissociation from undesirable things, when we have a view of the Eternal Blissfull Knowledge, will be exactly dovetailed if we can trace out their connection with the Absolute, having no bearing of co-sharing with them, but simply to welcome them with a consideration that they have only Eternal association.

The search for wisdom is a great challenge; to act on wisdom is an even greater challenge

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We meet men who cherish the view of dissociating themselves from all manifestive features of phenomena in their would-be emancipation, and who want to deprive them of their utility in order to gain the full scope of impersonation. They are found to non-cooperate with the earthly phenomena under the apprehension of having been entangled with such association. As they have no knowledge of their self, or have misguided conception of self - like a cow mistaking under an old apprehension the red clouds as flames of burning fire - they want to flee from the very nature of the transitory perspective aspects of the phenomena.

A failure of true detection compels them to exhibit their diffidence of accepting the wholesale manifestive nature of even the Transcendence. They want to carry their defective impression to the Transcendence, considering the Transcendental Region to be identical with the prison of mundane phenomena. So it should be a matter of grave consideration whether to show our back to all aspects, by turning ourselves to follow the undifferenced monistic phase of the Absolute.

The view of the Transcendental subjectivity in our present activity is more or less misunderstood. So to get relief from such erroneous impression we must not neglect to utilise everything, as far as possible, for the service of the Absolute; and must not participate in the views of miscarried decision of the impersonalists. If we do not do so, we will class ourselves among the imprudent.

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